Saturday, January 21, 2012

A New Journey of Purpose

Live your purpose and you'll never have to work another day in your life.

Purpose is a very important thing. Many of us spend our lives searching for it but how do you know when you have found it? And is it always the same thing or is it something that evolves as we learn, live and grow?

My whole life I knew I wanted to help people - apart from being a fiend for recognition - all I really wanted to do was improve other people's lives. I never knew which path I could do this on though. I started out doing some volunteer work while at school and loved that. This continued while at Uni and I changed my path from Law to Criminology and Sociology. I had the intent of graduating and getting a job within an industry that helped rehabilitate people from jail to the outside world. But there were no jobs. So I continued my study and started my masters degree. I began to realise that I would have to work my way up in the industry and would probably spend most of my time sitting behind a desk trying to figure out why people did bad things... A long way from my original purpose. When I started fitness training, it changed my life. Completely and utterly. And I wanted to bring this absolute joy to other people's lives. I began to realise that over time our means of delivering our purpose may change.

Now I have graduated and am working in the fitness profession I believe I have found my calling. I spend most of my waking moments training, thinking about training, and chatting to people about how I can improve their lives. I am filled with love for my clients - the feeling of helping them become a better version of themselves is incredible.

Soon I am going to be marketing to a very specific target market - 20-35 year old women who have come from a background of addiction, like myself. Exercise has such a massive power on people's emotional health as well as physical health. It gives purpose and meaning to many people's lives. It gives them power when before they had none.

Watching the face of a young lady after she did 2 chin ups was mind blowing. A reason to get out of bed every morning.
A purpose filled life.

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