Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to be Happy - Part One

Dearest friends,

Most of us spend our entire lives searching for happiness. Looking and planning for those magic moments when we will be 'happy.'

But when those moments appear are we too busy with life to notice that we should be happy?

What if you could find the joy, the happiness, the love in every moment that you had. In the hot and the cold days, in the supermarket, sitting in the car, at work, at play, morning, noon and night. Wouldn't that be incredible? I reckon that most of you would like to do that but some don't know how. "How am I supposed to find happiness when the kids are screaming and it's hot and we're stuck in the traffic and the air-con's broken?" How about REMOVING THE NEGATIVE?!

Turn each negative situation around - traffic is just cars on the road - feel blessed that we live in a country that is rich and people can afford to have cars - and remember that YOU ARE THE CARS ON THE ROAD!! Start today - turn the negative words around - say more positive happy and energetic words. Tell yourself YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. Tell OTHER PEOPLE THEY are AMAZING!! Enjoy seeing people's faces when you answer their questions with "AMAZING" "INCREDIBLE" "OUTSTANDING" Appreciate people for the amazing work they are doing. Say THANK YOU SINCERELY to the supermarket attendant, the cleaner, the retail assistant. They all need someone to brighten their day! And if you make them smile that is not only leaving a profit in their lives, but in your life, and in other's aswell.

APPRECIATE the everyday stuff! One of my latest joys is appreciating the place we live in. QUEENSLAND!! It's the best - instead of saying I live in Qld now I say "I live in a tropical paradise!" It's amazing how GREAT you feel when you are doing a quad stretch after your morning run and look up to the sky and say OUT LOUD in a nice loud happy voice "I LIVE IN A TROPICAL PARADISE!!"

And don't think that it is something you'll do when you have time. START NOW.

And please, let me know how you are going and if you have any amazing tips or hints or stories about how you are positively changing the world. :)